Wow 6 Choices paint party

Date: Nov. 14th, 2020

Where: Eaglesticks golf club 2655 Maysville Pike Zanesville, Ohio

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. 


Cost: $40.00 your choice to paint: Pre-traced 

Vintage truck with tree cut out and pumpkins door hanger

Christmas bells with stencil Joy or small peace, joy, love on 4ft board

merry Christmas or santa stop here 5ft board, 

snowman with lantern 4ft board

the Thankful pumpkin on 4ft board

Or you can choose 16x20 canvas for any of these designs. 

You will need to sign up ahead of time in order to get your board or canvas pre-traced and prepared in time for the party! 

Vintage red truck with Christmas tree insert and additional pumpkins insert all included on this one!
Or choose the truck with your choice of pumpkins or the Tree on 16x20 Canvas
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Thankful Pumpkin on 4ft board with slat marks, or on 16x20 canvas

Snowman with lantern on 4ft board or on 16x20 canvas

Christmas Bells on 4ft board or 16x20 canvas

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Merry Christmas or Santa Stop here on a little over 5 Ft. board